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Mighty Philosophy

1. Mighty Minds are full of curiosity
Mighty Minds children are delighted by the newness of every moment. They ask what, why, when, where and how. An inquisitive mind cultivates an open mind.

2. Mighty Minds are full of enthusiasm and embrace challenges
Mighty Minds children are enthusiastic about their goals, be it drawing the best rainbow or winning the spelling contest. They embrace challenges and are problem friendly, they see problems as opportunities to improve, as life is a fascinating rhythm of problems and solution.

3. Mighty Minds are sociable, confident and principled
Mighty Minds children are not afraid to express and share their opinions. They are self-assured and yet understanding of the needs to share and connect with the community.

4. Mighty Minds are well cultured
Mighty Minds children are respectful to the differences around them and proud to practice their own cultural identity. Embracing diversity and others’ uniqueness is their virtue.

5. Mighty Minds are knowledgeable and fun
Mighty Minds children are well-rounded individuals. They learn and play with equal fervor in a vibrant environment of creativity and appreciation.